Children's Ministries:

Preschool/Pre-K and Under

For more information regarding our children's Sunday programming, please contact Dee Buchanan, Director of Children's Ministries or Jen Barden, Associate Director of Children's Christian Ministries. 

  • Sunday School: Preschool - Pre-Kindergarten

    Sunday School is available during our 8:30 and 10 services every Sunday throughout the year. Children go directly to their Sunday school classrooms (located on the first floor) as soon as they arrive - we will be expecting them. Our Sunday School lessons focus on getting to know God and how God is relevant in our children’s lives. One fun theme is offered each month to help develop a deeper understanding of their relationship with God through art, games, music, food and learning. Our goal is to help children learn about the stories of the Bible and relate them to their lives. We hope to give the children a space to spend time with God and learn to use their gifts. 

  • Sunday Nursery Care: Infants- Toddlers

    Nursery care is available during all our services (8:30, 10 and 11:25 a.m.). Infants through young toddlers are welcome to join our nursery where we have paid caregivers who have undergone background checks.