JOIN our virtual "Hallelujah" chorus this easter!

The FCCH Music Ministries Team invites you to lend your voice to this large virtual performance of Handel's beloved "Hallelujah" chorus from Messiah.  Singers of all ages, levels of experience, locations and involvement levels in the church (or no prior involvement at all!) are welcome to join in this glorious musical celebration of the Resurrection.  The final product will be featured in First Congregational Church's online Easter worship service on April 4th and separately on various social media platforms.

Please participate by March 28!

What is involved?

  1. Download and print the sheet music (or use your own score if you have one).

    CLICK HERE to download the sheet music.

  2. Practice as much or as little as you feel you need to.  Be sure to practice with our provided (MIDI -- sorry!) tracks.

    CLICK HERE to download the SOPRANO base track.
    CLICK HERE to download the ALTO base track.
    CLICK HERE to download the TENOR base track.
    CLICK HERE to download the BASS base track.

  3. When you are ready, video yourself singing along with the provided base track, following the instructions/reminders below under "Recording Instructions."

  4. Upload your completed video to Dropbox by Sunday, March 28.

    CLICK HERE to upload your video to our DropBox.

Recording instructions

  1. Use the provided recording (above) as your guide track for rehearsal and recording.
  2. Listen to the guide track through headphones (or earbuds) on one device. Record using another device. (i.e. listen from headphones connected to your computer and record using your phone)
  3. Record in an acoustically neutral area.
  4. Record in as quiet an environment as possible.
  5. Place your phone not too far away from you when recording. Please aim for the phone/recorder to be 4 feet away at head level, if possible.
  6. Keep headphones at a minimal level to minimize leakage into the recording. This is very important!
  7. Don't over-sing. Your microphone will pick you up.
  8. Video yourself in landscape (wide) orientation with a neutral background, if possible.
  9. Leave extra "dead" space at the beginning and end of the video -- this greatly assists us during editing.
  10. Be sure to have an engaging facial expression and look directly at the camera (phone) whenever possible to convey a feeling of connection with the congregation when they view your video in worship.
  11. Don't stress! These projects always sound better when combined together through editing -- no individual voices stick out.

If you need assistance with recording or if you'd like to schedule a time to record with us at the church, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

contact us

Have questions or need assistance?  Please reach out to us.  We are honored to have you join us in this meaningful tradition!

Jon C. Peterson, D.M.A.

Director of Music Ministries

Email Jon

Charlotte Beers Plank

Associate Director of Music and Organist

Email Charlotte

Chelsea Selvaggio

Associate Director of Music

Email Chelsea

Phone: (330) 650-4048