Offered as an option every Wednesday at 7 p.m. during Lent

Many of us have mixed thoughts about wine and its place in our lives, not to mention wine in the church! However, the Bible is filled with passages that recognize the blessings of the vineyard and its produce. Rev. Janet Ross and Karen Downing will explore some of the rich blessings that come forth from the fruit of the vine, encouraging us to look deeper into our faith and how we live a life that produces joy and celebration. A five-week study - created so you can attend one session or all five.


March 4: "Wine as a Gift to Humanity" 

God’s gift of wine brings joy and inspires an openness to conversation and celebration.

March 11: "The Right Conditions" 

Many factors contribute to a good glass of wine: the grape selection, the soil, the weather, and the vintner’s craft to bring it all to fruition.  

March 18: "A Mixed Blessing: The Church’s History with Wine"

We’ll look at some of the cast of characters from the Church who have influenced our practices – from Dom Perignon, the Benedictine monk who discovered champagne, to the communion-altering Methodist minister, Thomas Welch, who discovered how to remove the yeast bacteria in grape juice.

March 25: “I Am the Vine - Toward a Theology of Wine"

Wine offers us a metaphor for a life of surrendering to God, allowing ourselves to be transformed into a holy gift that is poured for others. 

April 1: "Communing with Christ"

Jesus' last supper with his disciples is one of our most treasured sacraments … the opportunity we have to share with those early followers and one another, eating and drinking intimately with Jesus. 

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