December 12

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. 

Matthew 18:20 (ESV)



“We didn’t see you in church today.”


“No, Dad, we were out of town this week.”


My parents love our church, and they love it more knowing we are there amongst our church family and have felt at home at First Congregational Church of Hudson for 15 years. Eric and I love our church as well. We love its welcoming message of “meeting you where you are.”


In our case, this is in my parents’ family room—streamed on TV in their Indiana home—their place of comfort and security where our church meets them most Sundays with messages and music that strengthens their faith and fills their soul with God’s love. They loudly sing the hymns and bow their head in prayer. When we visit them, we “go to church” together—in their home.


My parents have treasured memories of traveling to Hudson and attending Austin’s and Emily’s confirmations and attending Christmas Eve services where my dad proudly and tearfully observed his three children, their wives and husband, and grandkids filling an entire pew.


We are grateful that during this time of their health struggles, my parents don’t need to leave the comfort of their home to be closer to God. They can worship with us over 300 miles away. God comes to them and they are “home.” We are thankful.



Kristi Riggle

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