Our children and staff's safety and health are our number one priority.  We are closely monitoring all best-practice standards and mandates from the CDC, WHO, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Responsible Restart Ohio and would be happy to discuss and share with you all of the extensive measures that we are taking.  Listed below are just a few of the changes that we have made in response to the pandemic. 

  • Daily temperature checks of every child & staff member as they enter the building and re-checks before lunch.  
  • Installation of hand washing stations outside of the building (have you seen the big, white tent?!) to allow for hand washing to take place before entering the building and when leaving.  Hand washing stations have also been installed inside the building to allow for increased use and easy access for hand washing.  
  • Hand washing and/or sanitizing between every activity and before and after every meal. 
  • All teachers and staff members wear masks.
  • All children, ages 3 and up, are working on proper mask-wearing while at school.  Children are wearing masks in the hallways, coming to and from school and are gradually increasing their time wearing masks in the classroom when appropriate.  
  • No one, other than children and staff members, are allowed in the Center. Parents/guardians are dropping off and picking up at our outdoor tent. 
  • Children walk in the halls inside their personal hula-hoop to help with social distancing.
  • The activity room has been divided so that each class has their own, private "restaurant!" for meal times.
  • Teachers are utilizing our outdoor spaces for both gross-motor play and classroom instruction.
  • We have developed a robust schedule for cleaning and sanitizing the building, including the cleaning and sanitizing of all high touch areas and bathrooms three times a day.  Bathrooms are also disinfected after a child or group uses the restroom. 
  • Only toys that can be easily washed are used in classrooms and all toys are cleaned and sanitized daily.