First Light, August 2021

I must have been about six-years old when my dad came home over-the-top excited (not his normal demeanor). He told us he bought a boat – the perfect boat. He said it will do it all. We could row it, motor it or sail it. But . . . as it turned out, it didn’t do any of them. At least not very successfully or at least pleasingly. A six-foot wide dinghy that was almost as wide with a bulbous nose, the boat was far too heavy to row, much too wide to sail and too small to handle any motor big enough to make any headway. That boat became for me the reminder that it’s a mistake to think that one thing can do all things.

So it is in worship. As people’s needs for a meaningful worship experience have broadened and evolved in recent years, so many churches like ours have tried to meet the variety of tastes among their congregations in worship through “blended services” . . . a mix of the old school traditional with new contemporary. Liturgy, preaching and music that seeks to meet all people across a great spectrum of need where they are in their spiritual lives.

Sadly, in my experience, by trying to please all, many churches end up failing to please anyone – just like that silly dinghy my dad bought in 1970. That’s why I am so thankful that our Church Council has committed to meeting each person’s need (as best we are able) by have a variety of choices for worship instead of trying to blend them all together.

Beginning on September 26, there will be three distinct opportunities to worship on Sunday mornings. While each will be unique, they will all hold in common the same message of the good news of Jesus, which seeks to meet each person in that individual’s need – because that’s exactly what we find God doing in the Gospel.

While we will continue to be online on our four platforms (our website, Hudson TV, YouTube & Facebook) for those who want/need to be with us virtually, I do look forward to being in worship in the sanctuary with you for one of the three services beginning September 26. (Continue on page 2.)

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